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Operations & Maintenance

Droege-Energy differentiates itself by having the best technical support for its customers. We have prepared a new concept for local support in each country, where we take special care of your plant and investment. Our main interest is to support you in the operation and maintenance of all the solutions we offer.




Now that your plant is up and running, it is important to keep it that way. We train your workers in plant operations and maintenance in order to make sure you get the optimal output in the future.
We cooperate with specialists in the field to design training programs that are comprehensive and up to date.


Training Topics:

Basic principles of Renewables Energies (depending on your project)

Types of Hardware, like photovoltaic panels, inverters, turbines, etc.

Performance and main influencing factors

Basic components of your power plant

•Different system types for generation of Energy

Communication and control systems

•Protection of your Plant (surge, lightning, burglary, etc.)

Legislation, legislative processes and approval

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